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Adobe: get out of our infrastructure

What is a dizzy artistic company doing all over our infrastructure? Why they need to get out and stay out

What do they think the desktop is for?

Which desktop is best? Mac OS, Win 7, KDE 4? Why desktops are all rubbish except Windows 3.1

I can't wait for the "easier install" of Windows 7

Just how easy is the newest OS to install ? An article on Windows 7 install problems

How To Fix The NHS IT Problem

Why we are wasting billions that just don't need to be spent. Read my article on NHS IT

Facebook - Where Do I Start?

Where it is all going wrong and why doesn't it work?

Firefox versus Chrome

I added an article on what annoys me so much about Firefox, and whether Chrome is the answer.


GRR. I am having to hack this site by hand now on an old mac mini instead of using my content generator. Why? My main machine is smashed to pieces. It was packed in the original packaging with every spare millimetre filled with bubble wrap. The box said computer and had a picture of one, and lots of FRAGILE tape. The consignment description was the one word "computer". The courier reckons it was inadequately packed. Yeah, right. Or maybe it wasn't built for five-a-side in the depot? If it was inadequately packed how come they didn't say that at collection?


I have yet another crazy database job coming up, another one where the client wants a new database without any of the current users knowing about it or using it, but just updating it without realising. I know, there are easier ways but then they couldn't torture me ... About due another article on this cobbled from one that nearly went in a magazine but didn't quite get there somehow


I added an article on reasons you would have to be mad not to use OpenOffice. Well not mad, or maybe not even deluded, but certainly misguided. Go look at the excuses to see if you can find others, then I can pop them as well!
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I have had a lot of trouble with DTP software recently locking in the content, and also with newer MS Office documents on older systems, I feel a rant coming on ...


I got fed up with all the tactics keeping Linux off netbooks and saying it would never be fit for the desktop, so I put up an article HERE on reasons why that hasn't been true for years, the glaring faults being ignored on Windows systems, and what to use if you want to try Linux out.

Windows 7:

I had a try on the windows 7 release candidate and found it was pretty hopeless on my RAID hardware, so back down to software RAID to try that. Is there a good reason for this pain at the end of it all? I still can't get most coverdisk software rated as Vista Compatible to actually run with my 64 bit install. Maybe I should forget about using all the RAM I bought and go back to 32 bit? With systems shipping off the shelf with 8GB and 64 bit OSes, isn't it time there was something to actually run on Windows? I have been using Linux 64 bit for what seems like eternity now with no problems on AMD64, Intel and PowerPC


I am getting really annoyed at the free "server" version of VMWare, it is now so much work to use for a handful of VMs that I am switching mostly to VirtualBox. First problem was the 2.0 web interface, second was it's refusal to work (or sometimes even compile) with the old console on recent OSs. Grrr. If this is supposed to make me recommend clients use it in large deployments, I really think it has had the opposite effect.


Firefox has been doing a lot to irritate me recently. Version 3.5 fixes some of it, but it seems to shake itself apart as they pile on patch after patch. The most annoying one that has just appeared is when you go to the file dialog, if you choose a directory it shrinks the window back to a stupid small size again. If you are working on hudreds of files in dozens of directories this is a real pain.