CMS picture Content Management System Network Advice now concentrates on Business Management Systems. These systems drive your entire business from the invoicing through to the website in one easy system. The important thing is ease of access to the data, and ease of use for the operator.

This means being able to control and link all the data that is important to your business. This data could include customers, suppliers, stock, the most popular items, orders pending etc. Printing invoices, barcodes, labels. All this data can be searched in many different ways. To the very small business or sole trader this could mean the end of hours of frustrating paperwork and a more effective use of your time.

These systems can be used for almost any purpose, from normal business systems, creating websites, collaborative working from home and more.

CMS picture Website Systems
Because the system is based on a standard web browser it allows anyone in the company (with authorisation levels built in) to add to the system / website. From within the company building or even from anywhere else in the world. Obviously this also facilitates work-from-home.

The authorisation level removes options not permitted to a user, so they do not even show up in the menus

Rather than having to learn how the system works, our systems are customised to work the way you need. The menu options allow you to perform actions defined by your business, such as "Add A Contact" to your contacts list, or "Add A News Item" to add an item to the top of News Articles on your site. They can work in any way that suits you.

And more ...
All the important search engine keywords are made for you from the page, and the site search engine goes straight to the content instead of leaving the customer hunting around on the page to find the phrase they searched for.

The images are optimised to download quickly, and sized to stop the page redrawing as they download. All this makes the site a faster and more pleasant one to use for the customer.

All you need to do is provide the words and pictures, and the site generates itself. Reliably, accurately and consistently.

If you put in dated events, they disappear when they are out of date. If you use lots of links they are checked regularly to see if they still work. The system takes care of many things for you so that you only need to worry about what you want to put on the site.