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Frank is always looking for the next interesting project, and will go anywhere in Europe for it, but would prefer the south of Spain if possible, as he is trying to finish his house there!

He has been working with computers since the early 80s, covering a wide range of business, many in the charity & voluntary sector.

Clients have ranged from sole traders to local councils and household names.

Work has ranged from software development for warehousing and industry, databases and website back-ends through to multimedia development.

Off the shelf software is used where possible, and custom software is written when absolutely necessary.

The key objective has always been to make the system work, and in a reliable way. Frank has also worked with musicicans and artists. He has enormous experience of digital image and sound work, and has a particular understanding of the needs of creative businesses.

Frank's websites have a simple clean efficiency which is very popular with his clients and their customers.

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web picture Websites
Our Business Management Systems let you control the content of your website without knowing anything about web design.

If you use a package, like the Network Advice Business Management System (CMS), the system does all the updates for you. You only need to input any new items or pictures you want to appear.

In other words you can add to, or modify your own website with the minimum of training.

Out of date websites don't rank highly on search engines. This means either someone in the company (or worse - you!) has to go out and learn everything there is to know about Dreamweaver and digital photography and search engines and e-commerce and security and ... well the list is endless. And in the meantime no real work gets done.

web picture If you want online ordering and the stock changes constantly, how else will you keep it all up to date?

If you are adding things in a hurry, how will you keep it looking the same as everything else you added?

The package is very flexible, so we tailor it to work the way your business does. You decide how the process works, the CMS system adapts to you. There is no intense training on how to use the CMS, it gets trained to work the way you do.

web picture The online ordering system works the way users expect - picking items from the site to put in a cart, then paying at the checkout with credit card, PayPal or bank transfer.

Credit cards are handled with a secure digital certificate system so users see the "padlock" logo and know the site is safe.

To make repeat business easier, the card details can be saved (if the customer wishes) except for the important security code, so all they need to enter is their username, password and verify their expiry date and 3 digit card security code to make an order.

web picture The order is totalled and confirmed, and a unique invoice number given for the order.

The card details are held securely encrypted, and can only be decoded by you on your own office PC. The server cannot be hacked to get card details, because it does not hold them.

web picture Each user gets a "My Account" page showing the status of all their orders, when they were completed, and when they were despatched or billed.

If you use a delivery company with online tracking, you can also give the tracking ID here for the user to see where the parcel is.

web picture Users can go into each order and see any outstanding items waiting to be shipped, or that are out of stock, with comments from you included.

Orders despatched in parts can also be shown here to let the customer know what to expect.

web picture Billing and card transactions are done directly by you in your office - no middle man, no percentages.

At your PC you can also generate invoices and address labels, and query the customer data in all kinds of ways. This can let you see seasonal trends, most profitable items, your best customers and anything else you can think of using a custom query engine that lets you point and click to see the patterns in the data.

And if all of this sounds good, but you know you don't have the time or ability to manage it for yourself, we can just do all the update work for you instead, with the option of you using the system as well if you need to.
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